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Here I used code first approach of entity framework to generate the database and in that application, use jqGrid and perform the CRUD operation using jqGrid with ASP.NET MVC with async operations.

jqGrid Introduction

jqGrid is an AJAX enabled grid plugin for the java script which provides complete solutions for representing our data in the tabular format. This provides lots of features to manipulate data. Because it is a jQuery plugin it will work only on client side not on server side but for binding the data which will be on server side it can be loaded dynamically using ajax call. This is a free and open source library, which is distributed under MIT licence.

Features of jqGrid

  • Works good under IE, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera
  • CSS customizable with full Themeroller support
  • UI in 20+ languages
  • Supports Paging
  • Supports Sorting
  • Supports Insertion, Edit, Deletion, Searching, Filtering
  • Inline Editing
  • AJAX enabled
  • Accepts XML/JSON/local array data sources
  • Import and Export Data