oStress is a tool which can be helpful in doing stress testing on Sql Server using simple commands

You need to download and install RML utility from following link


Open the command prompt and type in the following command:-

ostress -S"Your SQL Server Instance" -U"username" -P"password" -d"database name" -Q"INSERT INTO [Schema].[Table](Columns) VALUES();" -n10 -r50 -q


You need to tweak it as per your server details. So in this command

  • S is sql server name instance
  • U i username and P is password
  • If you are running on Windows authentication then you dont need -U and -P instead you need -E
  • D is your database name
  • Q is your query. In mu case its insert
  • Most important is n, r and q
  • n means number of connections processing each input query or number of threads
  • r means number of iterations.
  • In above query it means i am inserting 50 rows in 10 threads  so total number of rows will   be 500.
  • In this way you can do your stress testing for Sql Server.
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