PartialViewResult      Renders a partial view
RedirectToRouteResult   Issues a HTTP 301 or 302 redirection to an action method or specific route entry, generating a URL according to your routing configuration.
RedirectResult   Issues a HTTP 301 or 302 redirection to a specified URL.
ContentResult   Returns a raw textual data to the browser, optionally setting a content-type header.
FileResult   Transmits binary data (such as a file from disk or a byte array in memory) directly to the browser.
JsonResult   Renders JSON content to client.
JavaScriptResult   Sends a snippet of JavaScript source code that should be executed by the browser.
HttpUnauthorizeResult   Set the response HTTP status code to 401 (meaning "not authorized"), which causes the active authentication mechanism (forms authentication or Windows authentication) to ask the visitor to log in.
HttpNotFoundResult   Returns a HTTP 404 - Not found error.
HttpStatusCodeResult   Returns a specified HTTP code.
EmptyResult   Does nothing.
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